Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fish Day

A post about us!

Earlier this month we went to the Georgia Aquarium for part of our spring break. I'd never been to this one and we thought Wyatt would enjoy it. I was also hoping he might come away with "fish" added to his list of words he can say...alas, it was all for nought. We did have a good time though and Wyatt really seemed to like all the fish and other animals.
We had originally planned to get there right when they opened because that's supposed to be the best time to go. We were staying with Kev's brother in Athens so we wouldn't have to drive so far. We got up in time, but Maggie needed to eat. Then, our GPS didn't have the aquarium on it so we ended up not being able to take the quickest route. We also had to make a quick stop at wal-mart so I could get Wyatt a leash, because we left ours at home. We did finally make it, but we lost a lot of time. When we got there, another family had extra tickets to the 3D show for right then, so we went to that. Unfortunately, the first jump into 3D land was accompanied by a very loud noise and it scared Wyatt so we left. Then it was off to see the fishes!
Here are some pictures from the day.

Kev didn't want to have to chase Wyatt around all day, so he opted to wear Maggie. I think he enjoyed it as much as she did! :)

If you haven't been lately, then you haven't seen the dolphins. This is what you get to see unless you pay for the show. (**disclaimer--there was a dolphin swimming in this tank, but it swam out of the picture)

Wyatt found it!

There were several little crawl spaces for the little ones. I don't think Wyatt liked them as much as we did, but by this point he was pretty tired.

This was so cool! The penguins were right there and all around us!

This penguin and its buddy must've thought Wyatt was one of them because they came right to him and stayed there, swimming up and down, until we left them. They even tried to follow us. It was so neat and definitely my favorite part of the day!

Love it!

The whales were cool and it was the only place in the aquarium you could actually hear the music. Wyatt was just as interested in dancing to the music as he was watching the whales!

I love my family!

Okay, time to go so we can sleep now!

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