Friday, May 28, 2010


Wyatt is just continuing to grow and develop faster than ever these days. He is able to sit up on his own (I haven't seen how he does it, just the end result) and he can pull up. It's so exciting and stressful at the same time because we worry about what he's going to hit his head on when he falls over! So far he's only hit the floor pretty hard. However, I think it startles him more than anything (and Kev as well)! We're definitely having a lot of fun and enjoying every minute. We can't wait to see what's in store for the rest of Wyatt's first year! So here are some pictures from this month so far.

Wyatt and I went to Jump City with some friends. I got to socialize while Wyatt played on the floor and the big kids jumped around!

Little J was showing us that he could make Wyatt's toy work without putting it in his mouth!
Sorry about CR's face! (Check out more of this bunch here!)

When I feed Wyatt on the floor, he kinda does this rock back and forth thing...therefore, he gets food in/on places other than his mouth. About two minutes before this shot, I had already wiped the glob of sweet potatoes off of his forehead!

I went to a movie with some friends and Kev sent me this picture so I wouldn't go into withdrawal too bad!

Snuggle time with Daddy!

Hanging out with Aunt Ally!

I know it's weird, but I just love this shot! (the shirt says "I come in peace"!)

I love baby feet!

Kev hasn't been able to feed Wyatt except for one time when we first got him home. However, things have changed a little and now Daddy gets to feed him 9 months later!

He was so proud of himself!

He was so tickled with his new abilities!

He was supposed to be napping, but after more fussing than usual, I went to check on him and found this. He was still fussing and just wanted to wait a few more minutes before nap time.

**Stay tuned for pictures from Wyatt's first adventure to the pool!

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